Spaceforce is a sci-fi adventure series with a crimefighting twist

In Earth’s far future, the war against crime continues – and Spaceforce is on the front line. An elite band of agents fights to keep the peace, while the Galaxy’s three superpowers teeter on the edge of conflict.

Instellar travel is fast and commonplace, Earth is at the centre of a sprawling union of colonies and assimilated alien worlds. The United Worlds of Earth just about holds its own against the ancient and hidebound Taysan Empire, and the totalitarian Republic of Daros.

Nearly 100 years since the Station One Agreement established a fragile peace between these three great galactic powers, Spaceforce is the interplanetary crimefighting agency struggling to preserve it.

Spaceforce is a fun, fast-paced space opera series, with plenty of action, romance, character drama and outlandish alien civillisations to enjoy.


Born to be a blacksmith in a society where professions are inherited and unchangeable, sixteen-year-old Jay longs for the impossible – to escape his destiny as a manual worker near the bottom of the Taysan Empire’s complex caste system.

When a beautiful priestess takes an interest in the boy, Jay finds that good looks and charm can be valuable weapons. And so can a gift for deception…


Andri Ferris is a hacker, a cyber-criminal. He never meant to join the other side. Busted by Spaceforce, the United Worlds of Earth’s interplanetary crimefighting agency, he is given a stark choice – spend years in prison and emerge with a permanent mark on his identity, or join Spaceforce and put his extraordinary hacking talents to good use.

When the son of the Taysan Empress herself is kidnapped on an Earth colony, Spaceforce’s newest and most reluctant recruit faces a baptism of fire.


Oblivion is the galaxy’s latest – and deadliest – drug. One capsule plunges you into a fantasy of your choosing for hours. But there can be a terrible price to pay.

Sent to the theme park planet Fantasia to investigate the mysterious death of its chief ride designer, Jez and Andri soon discover dark secrets lurking behind the world’s glittering facade.

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Citizen Andri

The People’s Republic of Daros is a mystery to most of the galaxy. Almost nobody is allowed into its closed society, and absolutely nobody is allowed out.

When Spaceforce needs someone to obtain sensitive information from deep within Darian space, Andri is the only agent with the hacking skills to do the job and the physical appearance necessary to pose as a Darian. Despite his inexperience, Andri is sent alone on a deadly mission to a Darian factory world.

From there, things just get more dangerous.