Bonnie Brides

Regency Scottish romance… with a sting!


The Bonnie Brides series, published by Blushing Books and written under the name of Fiona Monroe, is set in Regency Scotland.

An interconnected series of historical romances, Bonnie Brides takes readers from the urbanities of Edinburgh, to the wilds of the Highlands, to a pirate ship on the high seas.

Bonnie Brides features a certain amount of mild erotica – specifically, disciplinary spanking of the heroine. This series will not therefore be for everyone. However, if you like stories of spirited but wayward young ladies falling in love with firm but fair heroes, in an authentic historical setting, you should enjoy these books.

A Highland Bride

Indulged by her widowed father, headstrong Flora Campbell has grown up wild and unchecked in Regency Edinburgh. When her older sister elopes with a married Italian count, the scandal threatens to blight Flora’s marriage prospects forever. Only one man is prepared to offer his hand to the wayward girl – the Reverend Iain Farquhar, a devout Minister of the Kirk of Scotland.

And Flora soon discovers that for a spirited young lady trying hard to be a dutiful minister’s wife, ‘hand’ can have more meaning than one…

The Laird of Lochlannan

Brought up in poverty in the slums of Edinburgh’s Old Town, nineteen-year-old Catriona Dunbar is shocked to discover, on her mother’s death, that she is heiress to a handsome fortune. But there is a catch – the inheritance will be hers only if she agrees to become the ward of Sir Duncan Buccleuch, the notoriously loose-living Laird of Lochlannan Castle.

Catriona’s mother had always blamed the Buccleuch family – Sir Duncan’s late father in particular – for her sister’s death. Now, under pressure from her impoverished fiancé, Catriona reluctantly journeys into the heart of the Highlands to make her home in the Laird’s 15th century keep.

There, she finds that Sir Duncan intends to take his responsibilities as her guardian seriously. But Catriona is determined to discover the truth about her aunt’s untimely death.

The Scot Corsair

Beautiful, headstrong and reckless, Lady Elspeth Dunwoodie is the youngest child of the Marquess of Crieff, one of Regency Scotland’s most distinguished peers. When she is discovered in a compromising situation with the notorious Sir Duncan Buccleuch, her family sends her to the West Indies to marry a wealthy plantation owner she has never met. But on the way to Barbados, the ship is attacked and Elspeth finds herself prisoner of the Black Scot, an infamous pirate captain with a mysterious past.

Can the lively ingénue soften the heart of a battle-weary buccaneer, and can the pirate king tame a willful, wayward young aristocrat?

Coming Soon!

The Blackhouse Bride

Bridie is the daughter of a farrier on the Dunwoodie Estate, near Aberdeen. Her father wants her to marry his apprentice, Lord John Dunwoodie wants her to become his mistress. All Bridie wants is to read books and study.

To escape marriage to a loutish farrier or ruin in the arms of a dilattante aristocrat, Bridie accepts a proposal from a man she has never met. A man who, above all, says he wants an educated wife. But Angus MacAllister is steward or ‘tacksman’ of a remote Highland township, and Bridie is used to the comforts of a great estate. Life in a blackhouse comes as a shock.

Can Bridie learn to be a good wife, and can she ever grow to love the man she married out of desperation?