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Welcome to the official website for Penelope Irving, who also writes as Fiona Monroe. Here you can find out a bit more about Penelope’s books, get in touch with her, and sign up for a newsletter to be kept informed¬†of upcoming releases.






Coming soon: Citizen Andri

Doric Opera


High Note

Coming soon: Tenor Trouble

Bonnie Brides


A Highland Bride

The Laird of Lochlannan

The Scot Corsair

Coming soon: The Blackhouse Bride





Alone and lonely in a new city, Melissa is looking for excitement – and possibly, for love. The local opera company seems like a good place to start.

But Doric Opera is a hotbed of rivalries, intrigues and secrets, where relationships are not always what they seem. Melissa soon finds that when it comes to opera, the drama rarely stays on stage…

First book in a new series set in the ruthless cut-throat world of amateur opera.

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Latest book in the Spaceforce series.

The People’s Republic of Daros is a mystery to most of the galaxy. Almost nobody is allowed into its closed society, and absolutely nobody is allowed out.

When Spaceforce needs someone to obtain sensitive information from deep within Darian space, Andri is the only agent with the hacking skills to do the job and the physical appearance necessary to pose as a Darian. Despite his inexperience, Andri is sent alone on a deadly mission to a Darian factory world.

From there, things just get more dangerous.


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Bridie is the daughter of a farrier on the Dunwoodie Estate, near Aberdeen. Her father wants her to marry his apprentice, Lord John Dunwoodie wants her to become his mistress. All Bridie wants is to read books and study.

To escape marriage to a loutish farrier or ruin in the arms of a dilattante aristocrat, Bridie accepts a proposal from a man she has never met. A man who, above all, says he wants an educated wife. But Angus MacAllister is steward or ‘tacksman’ of a remote Highland township, and Bridie is used to the comforts of a great estate. Life in a blackhouse comes as a shock.

Can Bridie learn to be a good wife, and can she ever grow to love the man she married out of desperation?